Amanda Reads – October 2017

October was a long, discouraging month for me when it came to reading. I felt like I either hated or loved what I was reading the whole month, and it ping ponged back and forth. And it annoyed me. I like loving booksβ€”it brings me joy to read words that I love. So anyway, this has been a frustrating month. But now I get to look at dogs for a bit.

Here’s a reminder of my rating system (puppies!):

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Amanda Reads – September 2017

It’s time for my monthly reading roundup! The month went by super fast, and I read a bunch of romances, because WHY NOT? Haha. It was a good time. So sorry for the heavy dose of romance in this recap – I read them when I’m stressed. And if you know anything about how Day Job is going, you’d understand my need for ~*rOmAnCe*~.

Here’s a reminder of the rating system for these monthly reading roundups (puppy pictures!):

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Amanda Reads – August 2017

Happy Labor Day, US residents! And happy Monday to the rest of the world! I read a whole bunch of books last month, so I’m going to keep this intro short so I can dive right in. A reminder of the rating scale (with puppy pictures!):

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Amanda Reads – July 2017

It’s August?!?! How?? This was supposed to go up yesterday, but we were flying home from a book festival where I appeared as an author (that’s a thing I can do now!) and our flight was delayed, so we ended up getting home super late and I didn’t have the energy to write this up. But here I am, only a day late. Also, no Top Ten Tuesday this week (sorry). But the official schedule is back next week, so all is well!Read More »

Amanda Reads – June 2017

Here we are, in July, and I have taken another blogging break. As always with my blogging breaks, this wasn’t intentional – I was traveling, my book was releasing, and I was burned out. So I took a month off, but I’m back. (I promise this time, because I love blogging and miss it when I’m gone.) Some small changes will be taking place here – all of my Friday Reads posts are going to move over to my bookstagram (@amandareadsandwrites on Insta, if you’re curious), and I’ll be doing more book reviews on Friday. That’s the other thing – I have about 40 book reviews to write! Aside from Amanda Reads and Top 5 Wednesday, I’ll be writing up those reviews, slowly but surely. Plus! I’m going to add Top 10 Tuesday to the mix! Because why not – I love lists. πŸ™‚

The other change is going to come in the form of these Amanda Reads posts. No more summaries, because book reviews! Just a rating as my wrap-up, and I’ll go back and add links to the reviews when they finally come. I have so many ARCs to read, and I have to get up to speed on those so I can keep getting more ARCs (because that’s the vicious cycle, my friends).

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