Comprehensive List of Reviews

This page is where you’ll find a comprehensive list of reviews I’ve written, alphabetized by author’s last name. Any books that fit within my Diverse/Lady Book Project will be denoted by using the following symbols:

~ = diverse author

* = diverse + lady author

^ = diverse themes in book (whether or not the author is diverse)

$ = girl power (female MC who is a badass – I reserve the right to be subjective here)


Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi: We Should All Be Feminists~*^$

Adler, Dahlia: Last Will and Testament~*$

Adler, Dahlia: Out on Good Behavior~*^$

Adler, Dahlia: Right of First Refusal~*^$

Alan, Sara Jade: A Messy, Beautiful Life$

Allen, Rachael: A Taxonomy of Love [coming soon]

Aveyard, Victoria: Glass Sword

Aveyard, Victoria: Red Queen


Beck, Samanthe: Compromised in Paradise

Bernard, Romily: Never Apart

Blake, Liora: Ready for Wild [coming November 9, 2017]

Blake, Kendare: One Dark Throne~*$ [coming soon]

Blake, Kendare: Three Dark Crowns~*$

Bowman, Akemi Dawn: Starfish~*^$

Brooks, Rebecca: Make Me Want$

Brooks, Rebecca: Make Me Yours$


Carmack, Cora: Losing It

Cavallaro, Brittany: The Last of August$

Cavallaro, Brittany: A Study in Charlotte$

Christie, Agatha: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Chupeco, Rin: The Bone Witch~*$

Cline, Emma: The Girls

Connis, Dave: The Temptation of Adam [coming soon]

Córdova, Zoraida: Labyrinth Lost~*^$

Córdova, Zoraida: Luck on the Line~*$


Daniels, April: Dreadnought~*^$

Daniels, April: Sovereign~*^$

Daniels, Wynter: The Best Man’s Proposal

De la Rosa, Liana: To Love a Scandalous Duke~*^$

Derting, Kimberly: Undressed [coming soon!]

Dessen, Sarah: Along for the Ride$

Dessen, Sarah: Just Listen$

Dessen, Sarah: Lock and Key$

Dessen, Sarah: Once and For All$

Dessen, Sarah: Saint Anything

Dessen, Sarah: The Truth About Forever

DiRisio, Carrie: Brooding YA Hero [coming soon]

Dupré, Dori Ann: Scout’s Honor$


Enriquez, Mariana: Things We Lost in the Fire~*


Fey, Tina: Bossypants$


Goo, Maurene: Since You Asked~*^$

Gough, Erin: Get It Together, Delilah!

Gray, Mila: Come Back to Me

Gray, Mila: Run Away with Me [coming soon]

Gray, Mila: Stay with Me


Hauser, Leslie: Chasing Eveline$

Hawkins, Paula: The Girl on the Train

Hawley, Noah: Before the Fall

Healy, Luke: How to Survive in the North [coming soon]

Heldring, Thatcher: The Football Girl

Henry, Emily: The Love that Split the World^$

Herring Blake, Ashley: How to Make a Wish^$

Hollifield, Lorna: Tobacco Sun$

Hoover, Colleen: Slammed



Jenkins Reid, Taylor: Forever, Interrupted$


Kammier, Holly: Choosing Hope [coming November 10, 2017]

Katz, Gwen C.: Among the Red Stars~*$ [coming soon]

Kaye, Nikky: Once Should Be Enough

King, Stephen: 11/22/63

Krueger, Paul: Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge~^$


Lee, F.C.: The Epic Crush of Genie Lo~*^$ [Coming Soon]

Lemon, Sarah Nicole: Done Dirt Cheap^$

Lepucki, Edan: Woman No. 17

Lindsey, Mary: Haven [coming October 30, 2017]

Locke, Katherine: The Girl with the Red Balloon~*$ [Coming Soon]


Mabry, Samantha: All the Wind in the World~*^

Maniscalco, Kerri: Hunting Prince Dracula$ [Coming Soon]

Maniscalco, Kerri: Stalking Jack the Ripper$ [Coming Soon]

Manton Lodge, Hillary: Jane of Austin$ [Coming Soon]

McCreight, Kimberly: Where They Found Her$

McGuire, Jamie: Beautiful Disaster & Walking Disaster

Moldavsky, Goldy: No Good Deed~*^

Moyes, Jojo: Me Before You^


Nguyen, Viet Thanh: The Refugees~^


Oh, Axie: Rebel Seoul~*^ [Coming Soon]

Older, Daniel Jose: Shadowhouse Fall~^$ [Coming Soon]

Older, Daniel Jose: Shadowshaper~^$ [Coming Soon]

Oliver, Lauren: The Delirium Trilogy

Onyebuchi, Tochi: Beasts Made of Night~


Picoult, Jodi: Small Great Things^$

Poehler, Amy: Yes, Please$



Raeder, Leah (Elliot Wake): Unteachable~$

Rai, Alisha: Hate to Want You~*$ [coming November 23, 2017]

Rai, Alisha: Wrong to Need You~*^$ [coming November 24, 2017]

Redel, Victoria: Before Everything

Redgate, Riley: Noteworthy~*^$

Reed, Amy: The Nowhere Girls^$

Rico, Lauren E.: Solo

Robinson, Phoebe: You Can’t Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain~*^$

Rucka, Greg, et al: Wonder Woman Rebirth Vols. 1-4$ [Coming Soon]


Seasons, Jennifer: Stealing Home

Sedoti, Chelsea: As You Wish [coming soon]

Siegert, Mia: Jerkbait~^

Silvera, Adam: They Both Die at the End~^ [Coming Soon]

Smith, Eric: Inked

Sosa, Mia: Acting on Impulse~*^$

Stone, Nic: Dear Martin~*^ [coming November 6, 2017]

Strohm, Stephanie Kate: Prince in Disguise [coming soon]

Sullivan, J.M.: Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles$

Suvada, Emily: This Mortal Coil$ [coming soon]

Sykes, Lucy & Jo Piazza: Fitness Junkie


Thomas, Angie: The Hate U Give~*^$



Vaughan, Sarah: Anatomy of a Scandal [coming soon]


West, Kasie: On the Fence$

Wright, Tristina: 27 Hours^$ [Coming Soon]

Wuertz, Yoojin Grace: Everything Belongs to Us~*