Audiobook Review – Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Like yesterday, I have some time to throw in a book review that isn’t an ARC because… I’m reading my ARCs too slowly. I know! I know I’m behind! I’m sorry! I’m working on it! And by that, I mean I’ll be traveling for work for the next 5-ish weeks, so I should have plenty of time to read.*

*I sometimes get behind on actual blogging while I’m traveling, so here’s your warning. I might miss some days. But I’ll do my best!

Today, I’m chatting about an audiobook I listened to a few months back, when I was going on a lot of dog walks and long runs. Yes Please by Amy Poehler filled the hole in my heart that Parks and Rec has left, but at the same time, it left me wanting more of some things, things that maybe she doesn’t feel like people need. I understand that, but I wanted it. You know? I’ll get into it. Here we go.Read More »

Audiobook Review – Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver

I’ve been wanting to review this trilogy for a very long time, and I finally have a break in ARC reviews (read: I’m reading too slowly) to fit it into. I listened to the entire Delirium trilogy on audiobook, and I loved almost every minute of it. I say almost because there were times when I was so anxious that I didn’t love what was happening, but I digress. I don’t know why* I waited so long to read these books, but I’m glad I finally did.

*I do know why. I was completely overloaded by dystopian trilogies for a while there, as was most of the world, I think.

The Delirium trilogy is about Lena Haloway, mostly. Lena is just a summer away from her procedure, which will protect her from the dangerous disease known as the Deliria. What is the Deliria, you ask? It’s love. In this alternate version of the United States, love is outlawed, and as soon as kids turn 18, they’re signed up for the Procedure to prevent them from getting infected. Lena lives with her aunt and uncle and two cousins, because her dad died years ago and her mother committed suicide after being subjected to the Procedure multiple times. For some reason, Lena’s mother couldn’t be cured, and she decided she’d rather die than go through the Procedure again. So, needless to say, Lena’s been exposed to some shit.Β Read More »

Audiobook Review – Bossypants by Tina Fey

Hey hello hi! Y’all are getting a second bonus post this week, because I had some time to write a little extra and I’m super behind on book reviews. So here I am, finally reviewing this lovely audiobook that I listened to while training for a couple of half-marathons in January. Yeah, that was already six months ago… my bad. But I’m here, I’m catching up, and I’m trying to be a book reviewing machine.

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