I’m a Judge for the Cybils!

Hey readers! I have some exciting news today!

On Monday, it was announced that I am a second-round judge for the 2017 Cybils! This means I get to help decide the best YA Fiction books of 2017, and I am SO EXCITED! If you want more information about the Cybils, check out this link. If you want to nominate books, check out this link.

I’ll probably be talking about this more starting in January, which is when round two judging begins.

You guys. I’m so excited. I can’t even tell you!

Happy reading, everyone!


Book Review – On the Fence by Kasie West

Back before Something Beautiful was published, I was trying to find some better comp titles to be used in my marketing. (Here’s something that isn’t advertised about going with a small, indie publisher – I had to do most of my own marketing, which is not my strong suit. But hey! I have a book in the world, and that’s something.) Something Beautiful is about neighbors who fall in love in high school (sort of…), and On the Fence was mentioned to me as a possible comp. So I read it (which actually means I flew through it), and I can say, it could be a comp for about one chapter… lol. Anyway! I read it, I enjoyed it, and here we go!Read More »

(Belated) ARC Review – Chasing Eveline by Leslie Hauser

It’s popular, in the current climate, for YA to have a big overall message – The Hate U Give was super issue-based, for example, and many of the other books I’ve reviewed recently have included protagonists and characters who are always fighting uphill battles, whether it’s with their sexuality or gender or what have you. Those books are SO GOOD, but they’re heavy sometimes. But this book? Chasing Eveline is light and fluffy and wonderful.

Read More »

(Belated) ARC Review – Tobacco Sun by Lorna Hollifield

It is rare for me to read a book so outside my realm of normal, but this one was a must-read for me – Lorna is a fellow Pen Name Publishing author and someone I consider a friend of mine on this publishing journey.

Tobacco Sun is Southern fiction, set in the 1940s, and the story goes back and forth between two half-sisters: Jimmi-Lyn and Sydra. Sydra is currently in jail for the murder of her father; Jimmi-Lyn is trying to come to terms with her own emotions, specifically those emotions surrounding her imprisoned sister and her deceased step-father. This is especially complicated because their mother recently died – that was the reason Sydra returned to rural North Carolina in the first place. Sydra is a Hollywood star – she hadn’t been back home since she was a teenager. And then there’s Vanse, Jimmi-Lyn’s childhood best friend, who returned from the war with lasting injuries and PTSD. Both Sydra and Jimmi-Lyn’s feelings for Vanse have always been complicated, which is part of this fascinating tangled web of characters and plot that I wasn’t expecting and that sucked me in from the start.Read More »