ARC Review – Saving It by Monica Murphy

Oh heyyyy everyone, and happy Thanksgiving! Yes, yes, I accidentally hiatused again, and it was because of darn Day Job again. But not to worry – my travels are completed for now, so I’ll be back at blogging regularly again. Which is good, because I love it and missed it! And after that? I’ll jump back on the bookstagram train, because that was fun as well and I’ve missed that too. Anyway! I was supposed to post this review earlier this week as part of the blog tour, but then, as I was finishing up the book, I realized… that I really didn’t like it. So I decided to hold off until later on so I could be totally honest with y’all. And here we are!

So, the premise of this one. It’s a doozy, so prepare yourself.Read More »

Top 5 Wednesday – Problematic Faves

Happy Hump Day – it’s Top 5 Wednesday! As a reminder, Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly roundup of cool/fun bookish things that is hosted by Sam over at Thoughts on Tomes on YouTube. You can visit the Goodreads group for topics (and such, as Sam always says). I’ve talked about some of my problematic faves before, but this post brought some things to light for me and made me think about the trash that I seem to like. Ha. I can’t help it – I know that some of these are inherently problematic, and while that doesn’t make it better, I at least *say* these things when I recommend the books. In any case – here’s my list!Read More »

ARC Review – Haven by Mary Lindsey

I have some book reviews to catch up on, so buckle up, buttercups! I’m going to try to get as many written and posted in the next couple weeks as possible. So here we go – I’m going to continue this little spree with Haven by Mary Lindsey, which I’ve been talking about for a couple months already, so I was so ready to actually read the book (which is out today, by the way!). I hate to say it, but I was… disappointed. I’ll get into it, though.Read More »